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Brandon Mitchell Architect’s primary goal is to create a balance between the natural world and the built environment by creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing Architecture in balance with the natural world surrounding us while simultaneously creating places and spaces that make the occupant’s overall quality of life the best it can be.

Mindfulness is used, from the very beginning of every design, to allow for a heightened awareness of the natural elements that exists within each individual site. The Sun, the wind, the lake, the river, the mountains, the trees, the boulders, the snow, the rain, and the earth all drive each site-specific design solution. Nature has provided us with the path, and it is our goal to follow that path to create a merger with the natural elements of the site and the design elements of each specific project program.

Collaborating with the natural elements allows each design to be unique and custom to that place, in that time. Clean, cost effective design solutions, which merge the structural systems, mechanical systems and architecture are the outcome of intensive and extensive schematic design and design development leading to a final design solution that is natural to both the time and place it is built.

Brandon has been living and practicing Architecture in the Lake Tahoe / Truckee region for nearly twenty years. When not practicing Architecture, Brandon enjoys spending time outdoors staying active. Snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, road biking, kiteboarding and adventure travel all help Brandon maintain his own balance.